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We read with the MYTH: "50 Steps to Yourself", "Supersensitive People", "Manage Hormones of Happiness" and "Imaginarium, or What's Behind the Scenes" | Culture


03 April 2018

In the spring, we want everything at once: to seek harmony, to master new professions and, of course, to be happy – the publishing house MYTH presents an excellent compilation for those who are already ready for change.

Loretta Graziano Brooding – founder Inner Mammal Institute Honored Professor at the University of California, author of several books and a blog "Your Neurochemical Self" on the site PsychologyToday.com. Her work was written in the journals Psychologies and Real Simple . This year Loretta published the continuation of the best seller "Hormones of Happiness" – "Manage the Hormones of Happiness" which will help to move to a positive Thinking in just 6 weeks.

Anyone can tune into a positive. Each of us is able to manage the "hormones of happiness" that determine him. This approach may seem frivolous, because there is so much bad around. The search for a dirty trick may seem like the most logical reaction to the surrounding reality. However, when you know how your brain gives such an answer, it is in your power to form a new type of reaction.

From the book you will learn that the habit of thinking was negatively formed in the course of evolution, because only so, constantly fearing something, a person could survive in the conditions of wild nature. Negative mood is familiar for our neural connections, however we can form new ones and train ourselves to think positively. To adjust yourself to positive thinking, it takes only 6 weeks, if you follow the plan from the book.

  • Negative is normal

If you are inclined to negative thinking when perceiving reality, this does not mean that something is wrong with you. On the contrary, it is quite natural. Thanks to the science of positive thinking, you will know why your brain is set up for negative perception if you deliberately do not correct this process.

  • Cookies and danger

The brain is able to learn that a cookie relieves stress when you are not at ease. Every time you eat a cookie, trying to escape from heavy feelings, a neural connection is formed. Soon, the brain begins to wait for the cookie to bring liberation from danger.

  • Parking karma
  • There are no translations available.

When I face life's difficulties, I always think about my carmaker's parking karma. When he is looking for a parking space, he is always lucky. He never violates the law and does not take the place that someone has already aimed at. He just waits for a suitable opportunity and is pleased with what he finds.

  • The way across the river

The brain is unable to simultaneously curse the river and cross it. Concentrate on the next step, and the result will please you. Every step is valuable, however it does not matter if you are close to the goal or not. The road will be mastered by the going.

  • Efforts and expectations

Our efforts always have an obvious long-term effect. It is normal that a person falls in spirit if he does not see an immediate result. But as a rule, the greatest benefit for a person turns into something that does not give a visible result immediately.

  • The Minute of the Positive

There is a way to give the brain a new food for thought: three times a day pause and think about something good. Each time, take one minute to search. Do this exercise for six weeks, and the brain will automatically begin to look for positive moments in the surrounding reality.

The book "50 Steps to Yourself: How to Become Happier" will be especially relevant for those who suffer from blues and spring avitaminosis. After all, is so that you get up on the wrong foot, everything falls from your hands and you spend the whole day looking at seals in social networks. Forces on anything not, do not want anything and do nothing. Or, perhaps, recently, relations with others do not develop at all, torture self-doubt and awareness of what has not yet been known what to strive for in the future? It does not matter how often we fall into such conditions, but it all reflects on the body: anxiety, apathy, outbursts of anger. You can not pay attention to this, but you can make a choice and try to act differently.

This book contains the simplest and most effective methods of relaxation, meditation and mood improvement!

Chips of the book:

  • Simple tips and practices for familiar situations;
  • A whole book on how to restore strength and resources;
  • 6 vacation scenarios, when you do not have to leave the house;
  • Together we make a visualization board;
  • We make a capsule wardrobe and say goodbye to stress "I have nothing to wear";
  • We fill our "jar of joy".

Who is this book for? A book for teenagers and adults who want to sprinkle with a bad mood, feel the taste and colors of life, gain confidence in their abilities.

From such a cheerful author, we did not expect anything different: Aubrey Andrews – awarded numerous children's author awards, received a degree in the University of Wisconsin from 2006 to 2009 was editor of the journal American Girl and was published in American Girl, Scholastic, Disney, Lonely Planet etc. Now the girl lives in Los Angeles state California .

To some it will seem a whim, but it is really very difficult for many highly sensitive people to lead a life that is healthy in every sense of the word in such a bustling metropolis as Moscow. Especially for them there is a book about who such "Supersensitive people" and what distinguishes them from the others. About what problems the hypersensitive nervous system brings to their daily life and how to cope with them in order to preserve the health of the soul and body.

"When will the neighbors turn off the music? She's driving me crazy. I can not stand it any longer. " "What music? I can not hear her. Noise should not be so annoying. Something's wrong with you. " Do not worry if you are sensitive to noise, smells, bright lighting, hardly carry the crowd, rush and can not ignore the stimuli.

Simply you concern to 15-20% of people whom name supersensitive. This quality certainly creates a lot of problems for you, for example, you can understate your self-esteem, if others say that you are not like everyone else. Or you are overtaken by anxiety and stress, when you have to communicate with cheeky, hostile people. Or you can barely pull yourself together, facing constant irritants throughout the day. In the book you will get acquainted with hundreds of ways of survival and prosperity in the world of "ordinary" people, who are not frightened by aggression and overstrain. Applying the management strategies of your feature, you will appreciate your sensitivity and all its advantages.

Ted Zeff – Doctor of Psychology, leading master classes for hypersensitive people. For more than 15 years, he has taught hospital staff and medical teams to combat stress and insomnia.

  • Who are the hypersensitive people? About 15-20% of the population are not able to ignore irritants: they can easily make themselves noisy, pandemonium or haste. Such people usually acutely respond to pain, exposure to caffeine and violent films. Bright light, sharp smells and life changes cause them discomfort.
  • Appreciate your sensitivity. You may have been told that you are too sensitive. But the spread of insensitive values ​​has brought the world to the brink of disaster. Our only hope of saving the planet is to become more receptive and show mercy to all sentient beings.
  • Empathy instead of resentment. When you allow yourself to be upset because of the interaction with "insensitive" people, you are only injuring yourself. Others may never know how angry you are. One of the most important advantages of SSS is that they are capable of deep empathy. Use your innate goodness to open your heart to indelicate people and overcome your feelings of resentment.
  • Silence is gold. Since the SSLs feel calmer in silence, it is important to reduce the amount of time spent on empty conversations. Silence also reduces the likelihood of interpersonal conflicts … Excessive communication can have an irritating effect on your nervous system if you have to constantly express your opinion or defend yourself.
  • Less money, more happiness. You will be more comfortable in the workplace if less demand is required from your position. Perhaps, the salary will be lower, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to spend more time on something that calms and gives pleasure. On his deathbed, no one regrets that he spent too little time in the office, earning money.
  • Meditation and relaxation. In the process of meditation or deep relaxation your body gets a rest equivalent to a light sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep, but devote this time to meditation or deep relaxation, then the next day you will feel rested. During the meditation, the production of stress hormones also decreases.

The collection of practical advice and information on the process of creating photographs, starting with the development of the idea and ending with its implementation, closes our today's collection. "Imaginarium, or What's behind the scenes" is written with a deep understanding of the nature of the artist and is devoted to how ideas are born, what conditions make the work productive and what are the necessary components of the creative process.

This guide can be applied in any genre as those who create personal projects, and those who work on a commercial basis. The book contains strategies and tools that contribute to the emergence of interesting ideas and the creation of unique photographs. Regardless of the complexity of your projects, you will master the technique of brainstorming, the methods of developing the concept and pre-visualization, the principles of preparation for shooting and solving problems and concrete steps towards the realization of the idea, and will draw ideas and practical advice on how to overcome difficulties and at the same time achieve success .

Claire Rosen – a photographer who received wide international recognition. In 2012 and 2013 Claire was on the list [Forbes] "30 brightest stars under the age of 30" in the field of art and design. Her works were awarded with the prize IPA, award of the journal Aesthetica journal Communication Arts publishing house Graphis, annual journal prize PDN the prize of the competition Fence conducted by the magazine Photoville and the competition Critical Mass, which is organized by the magazine Photolucida awards in the annual contest Prix de la Photographie and the prize Sony World Awards.

  • The purpose of art. The creation and understanding of beauty is an inalienable metaphysical experience of mankind, manifestations of the very essence of humanity.
  • Attractive pictures. What pictures really impressed you, struck like lightning? Think about what exactly impressed or touched you in these images?
  • The conductors. With the help of photography, you find yourself in new places or look at familiar things in a different way. You travel to remote corners of the world and explore hidden secrets in the courtyard of your house.
  • Creative muscles. Creative abilities are like a muscle that you need to constantly train. If you do not use them, they atrophy. If you often use them, they become stronger.
  • The creators of . Artists create something that no one has ever seen before. They notice the unbelievable, find the exceptional in the ordinary and unite what seemed incompatible.
  • Be bold. Be brave in your thoughts, dreams, in your imagination and the desire for inner change; live your life as if every sensual and intellectual experience is the source of plots.

Love books and do self-development!

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We read with the MYTH: "50 Steps to Yourself", "Supersensitive People", "Manage Hormones of Happiness" and "Imaginarium, or What's Behind the Scenes" | Culture

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