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TWINSET Milano for the first time presented its new collection in Moscow | Events


12 April 2018

Yesterday, April 11, the Italian brand TWINSET Milano presented its new collection FW 18/19 in the Demonstration Hall of GUM. For the fashionable metropolitan public, this was an event, as the brand was first shown on the territory of Russia.

Among the guests were noticed a lot of Moscow mods, popular bloggers and Russian stars, including Kristina Orbakaite with her daughter Claudia, Evgenia Kryukova, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Zara, Marina Kim, Maria Kozhevnikova, Ekaterina Mukhina, Maria Fedorova, Vadim Galaganov, Rasim and Alla Akperovy, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Elena Kuletskaya, Yasmina Muratovich, Irina Chaikovskaya, Yulia Baranovskaya, Aurora, Tatyana Gevorgyan, Irina Grineva, Konstantin and Olga Andricopulos, Polina Askeri and many others

Most of the guests are already fans of the brand, and those who got acquainted with the brand for the first time discovered unusual combinations of colors, materials, bright, memorable prints, and also wished to fill up their wardrobe with some novelties presented this evening.

"On the one hand TWINSET – smart clothes, and on the other – clothes for every day. And it's great, "Maria Kozhevnikova shares ," At the show, I looked at things at once to myself and to my mother, and I will tell in secret that I have things of this brand, bought in the children's department, but for myself. "

Another surprise that TWINSET prepared for the guests is the final part of the show, in which [ChristinaOrbakaiteandherdaughterClaudia came to the podium . The images that the star family presented now are simply bound to become hits of the coming season.

"From the collection, you can choose an outfit for any mood," says Christina Orbakaite. "Today I chose graphic, it's my favorite style, but TWINSET also has evening things, and everyday and excellent accessories that attracted my attention."

Also at the show in the role of model debuted young Dunya Kareva – daughter of actress Yevgenia Kryukova . "My daughter made her debut today at the show," says Yevgenia Kryukova, "worried about her very much. A collection is beautiful, for the fans of different styles. I especially noticed sweaters for myself – I would buy all the models! ».

In general, the mood of the evening could be compared with the atmosphere of a big Italian holiday, which was supported by representatives of the brand, specially flown from Milan to the Moscow show. Guests talked enthusiastically and shared their impressions of what they saw.

"I really liked it," says Marina Kim "I'm amazed at how the collection uses lightweight fabrics, rhinestones and glitter – on sports twists and even down jackets! I watched the show without stopping. "

Elena Kuletskaya noted that the show was stunningly stylized: "Bravo to stylists who showed how you can put the same things together for outfits in different styles. Even for our cold Moscow summer it is quite possible to combine, as it was on the show, a beautiful transparent dress and a warm jacket. "

Julia Baranovskaya chose for herself a combination of opposing styles: "I love voluminous sweaters, mixed with delicate and transparent dresses, light sexuality, hints and promises. And that's what attracted me to the TWINSET collection. "

"The most important thing is that all the things from the collection can be put on both in a feast and in the world, they are absolutely appropriate in any situation," says Anna [Tikhomirova] "And how my mother was touched by the output of the children with their mothers – it just melted my heart! ".

The participation of small models was also touched by Irina Grineva the mother of the charming little daughter, who immediately presented how TWINSET's things look on her baby.

Freshness – this is how the main quality of the collection was determined Elena Liadova : "Saturated colors, floral ornament, beautiful collection".

"I have been following this brand for a long time and am glad that he is now represented in Russia. I like things that you can wear every day, despite their brightness and unusual. Especially inspired by the fact that TWINSET used in the collection of my favorite colors – brick and gold, "- said Anna Khilkevich .

"Multilayeredness and femininity are always in demand and are well received, I like that it is a life collection, it is easy to wear," says Konstantin Andricopoulos .

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya

Zara, Catherine Odintsova, Dina Nemtsova

Irina Chaykovskaya

Maria Fedorova


Yasmina Muratovich

Snezhina Kulova

Polina Askeri

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TWINSET Milano for the first time presented its new collection in Moscow | Events

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