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The wedding of Harry and Megan in numbers | Events


20 May 2018

Yesterday, May 19, an event was held, which was expected not only in England, but literally all over the world – Queen Elizabeth II's beloved grandson married the American actress Megan Markle, who became popular after filming in the TV series "Force Majeure." Now Megan and Harry not only became a husband and wife, but also gained new titles: the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. From now on, the Hollywood friends of the actress will call her no other than Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex. The bride's dress, her tiara, the wedding ceremony and an impressive list of guests you all probably already saw. We suggest that you look at this grandiose event from the position of numbers!

1 hour

The ceremony of the wedding of Megan and Harry, which took place at St. George's Church in Windsor Castle, lasted so long.

2 Kisses

The newlyweds kissed on the steps of the church and again – sitting in a carriage.

2 dresses

Why choose only one chic wedding dress, when you can wear two at once? After the wedding ceremony, Megan changed Givenchy to Stella McCartney .

4 references to the American roots of the bride

Two songs: " This Little Light of Mine" and " Stand By Me" the fiery speech of an American priest and the unprecedented number of Hollywood stars for the British royal wedding.

4,8768 meters

Such is the length of the silk veil, which the young bride assistants carried so gently.

6 horses

Was harnessed to the carriage of the bride and groom.

7 charitable organizations

Receive funds from the guests of the royal wedding, because Harry and Megan refused gifts.

10 "pages" and "bridesmaids"

Among the children who helped to carry the luxurious train of the bride's dress were the children of William and Kate, George and Charlotte, and the goddaughter and godchildren Harry I Megan.

10 diamonds

In fact, there are much more of them in the Megan tiara, but it is the ten largest diamonds that we see in the center that date back to 1893.

20 choristers

Twenty choristers from The Kingdom Choir performed their version of Ben King's classic composition Ben E. King "Stand By Me" :

53 countries

All countries of the Commonwealth of Nations found a place on the veil of the bride in the form of hand-embroidered flowers and plants characteristic of each represented region. Megan also asked to add Hymonant hurried, growing up in front of the Nottingham cottage, where H & M as they are nicknamed in the press, and will live as a married couple.

200 lemons

To create a wedding cake, it took 200 lemons from sunny Amalfi, a city in in the southwestern part of Italy. Also, exactly 200 people were invited by Prince Charles to his special reception in honor of the newlyweds.

600 guests

Megan and Harry invited to the wedding of 600 people, among whom there were many big names. And even the former prince's girl received an invitation!

David and Victoria Beckham

Cressida Bonas with her companion

George and Amal Clooney

Oprah Winfrey

Marcus Mamford and Carrie Mulligan

Abigail Spencer and the Spinach Chopra

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Idris Elba and Sabrina Daur

1200 guests "from the people"

Harry and Megan invited 1200 young people "who contributed to the development of society" to the territory of Windsor Palace.


It was so many well-wishers and curious people gathered on the streets of Windsor to congratulate the couple on a joyous occasion.

$ 42.8 million

According to the calculations CNBC it was in this amount that the wedding of the year cost, while 94% of this weighty budget went to ensure security.

We wish you this wonderful couple of happiness!

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The wedding of Harry and Megan in numbers | Events

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