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Manicure Monday with ORLY brand founder Jeff Pink | Beauty


09 July 2018

Today we decided to introduce you to the founder of the company ORLY Jeff Pink confident that the world does not stand still, and innovations capture absolutely all spheres of activity: whether it be medicine, space development or beauty -industry. What trends and innovations do we expect in the near future and what is actual at the moment?

The design of nails, as we know, is a dangerous thing – too thin line between stylish nail art and bad taste. How not to get trapped, eclipsing the heroines of the series Claws?

"Modern nail-trends are not just drawing of flower forms or simple images on a color coating, it is more emphasis on geometric figures and the use of negative space in the art of manicure, creating an illusion of thinner or vice versa of long nails" states Jeff .

What is negative space and what are they eating? This is a fashionable style of late nail art, when when creating a geometric pattern with colored lacquer, not all of the nail is covered, but only a part of it. It looks a bit unusual, but very stylish!

There are two ways to create such a design. The first is when the master first covers the entire nail plate with a transparent varnish, and then applies the pattern with a thin brush. In the second case, a special adhesive tape is usually used. It is attached to the nail according to the shape of the future drawing, and then simply dyed over.

But everything is new, it's a well-forgotten old. If you consider the technology of creating negative space more closely, it can be seen that it included receptions from the French manicure, whose "progenitor", by the way, is the inimitable Mr. himself Pink .

More than 30 years ago, a friend came to him, who worked at that time to create Hollywood movies, and asked to come up with such a universal cover that would fit any image. After all, no one wanted to repaint their nails several times, adjusting to all the images of the actress.

"I passed the idea to a friend." He was so excited and said: wow, that's awesome, I want to get it right now! Jeff, you do not know yet what you did today, but one day, you will win an Oscar " Jeff .

There is one more actual trend, which should be given attention – natural nails. Jeff himself is an adherent of everything natural and natural, so this topic is especially close to him. He believes that the nude manicure looks great regardless of the image, format of the event or skin color.

As for the length of the nails, then, according to Mr. Pink, long at the moment is still in the trend, but it's not for long. The fashion for short nails grows at an incredible speed, moreover, it is very convenient in everyday life – after all with "claws" as from our favorite series it is impossible to do absolutely nothing.

Well, if you still decided to afford a "cat's claw", then they should be well-groomed and strong, you must regularly strengthen them with special means. After all, there is nothing worse than untrodden hands – this will never happen in the trend!

"Nail care does not have to be a luxury, which you allow yourself only once a month" – Jeff Pink considers .

Jeff, as nobody knows the sense of beauty and professional care, and attentive to the preferences of the beautiful half of the planet, trying as soon as possible to introduce into the nail -industry something unique and useful. And it helps him in this whole family and stunning staff in the research laboratory ORLY . Here, all the brilliant thoughts of the "maestro" are embodied in reality, the products are regularly tested and brought to perfection. It is the trembling and considerate attitude to his business that allows Jeff and his beloved child to always be competitive.

"We welcome innovations and try to strive for them, always looking forward to what will happen in the market to understand what people do not yet know, but in absentia it is already necessary" . An example is an innovative preparation Bodyguard which is unique in its ability to align itself when applied.

The Pink family is not going to stop there and in their plans for the near future to develop something that the industry has never seen:

"Most of what we are trying to do is to establish closer ties with our customers." Personalization is the future, I think, not only for the nail industry, but for all industries. "We plan to create innovative things in the digital space , in order to raise awareness and demand "– the whole family promises Pink .

We have already tried the novelties of the brand more than once and look forward to innovative products!

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Manicure Monday with ORLY brand founder Jeff Pink | Beauty

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