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Literary novelties: "We take the winter", "How art can make you happier", "The main thing in the history of art", "English. Literate cats »and« iPhuck 10 »| Lifestyle


December 17, 2017

Admit it honestly – you also like to start a new life in January? Perhaps in the new year you promised yourself to tighten up the English language, get creative, begin to understand art and spend more time on fiction, and if so, we have prepared for you an excellent literary selection which will push you to act actively and fulfill their promises.

We suggest starting with a book that is very cozy in all senses of this word "We crush the winter" t more than that we finally waited not only for the calendar winter, but for the natural winter. Together with her, you [n] banish winter melancholy and find what to do in the frosty months: get yourself comfortable with a collection of hand-woven designs inspired by nature from Emma Mitchell . . ]

In the book "We Bribe the Winter" collected a lot of projects that will help you drive away the winter melancholy: from refined silver jewelry, jewelry from paper and knitted mitts to bouquets of autumn leaves, delicious recipes and diaries of a naturalist. Step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos taken at the cottage Emma on The Fen bogs will help you implement all the projects. Even beginners will be able to experience on themselves that calming beneficial effect, which in the winter months has a man's handiwork. Already this book itself creates a sense of comfort in your home. You will be enchanted by atmospheric atmospheric photos, interesting live text, delicious recipes for warm cozy evenings and author's sketches on the pages of the book.

"Every year, when the summer is over, I dream of becoming a grizzly bear, eating all the pies and sandwiches from picnic baskets in Yellowstone National Park, growing a decent layer of fat, digging a big cozy den and going to bed until the street will not get warmer. To be creative in the winter is an excellent tactic that helps to develop all those chemical substances that improve the mood, the effect of which weakens in these dull months.

Add to this the joy that cake preparation brings, the delight of the chocolate cake, the comfort of hand-knitted shawls and the deep satisfaction that comes with a meeting with friends and collaborative creativity; Do not forget about the result itself in the form of a tasty, beautiful or wool arsenal, with which it is easier to overcome the onslaught of winter. You have a creative guide to survival in winter, a way to take the gray days and fill them with warm mitts and delicious food. Grab your hooks, yarn and cocoa. Forward, in the cold … "

In other words, it is a book for everyone who wants to fill the winter with creativity.

As for the theme of art, it is worth starting with Brigitte Payne – writer, editor of art books, blogger, speaker and artist. With more than ten years of experience in publishing, she collaborated with hundreds of authors and artists to make their book ideas a beautiful reality. She taught at the Makeshift Society and ICON Illustration Conference ; CCA, ARLIS, California Writers' Club, APA SF, RayKo Photo Center and PhotoNOLA ; and was noted in Photo District News publishing house Weekly and Closer magazine among others. Bridget is the author of the books "This happens: life through the Instagram lens" "New York Jackie", "How art can do you are happy " and " The secret art of being an adult ".

Art is magic.

Why should you read this book?

Perhaps, once you were in love with art and want to return it to a significant place in your life.

Or maybe you want to fall in love with him for the first time.

Probably, once you went to museums or exhibitions, but have not been anywhere for a long time, you still can not find time for it. Or you would like to admire works of art, but you are afraid to start and do not know how it is done.

And this situation does not make you happier.

It's not that you deliberately decide: "You know what? Art takes too much of my strength and time, I'll throw it out of my life and then I'll feel better, freer!" No. Your life is depreciated due to the lack of art in it, and you also feel guilty because it seems to be there.

So, when you drink coffee with a friend who goes to exhibitions and knows a lot about artists, you find yourself behaving like a guilty one – complaining or making excuses. And not because your friend at least a little worried if you were at the last major exhibition in the museum, but because it excites you. And it excites more than you want to admit. And you do not know how to fix it.

But the thing is this: in spite of the impression that you have under the influence of different sources – from articles on art to the views of your grandmother – art should bring happiness to your life. Let's repeat: art should bring happiness to your life.

Is art always joyful? No, of course not. As well as not always it is beautiful, convenient or simple. But can passion for art – this strong drink, in which visual pleasure, intellectual rigor, billions of meanings and an unexpected view of the world are mixed – make you happier and substantially enrich your life?

Of course, yes.

For a slightly deeper study of the topic, take note of "The main thing in the history of art" is an introduction to the wonderful world of art. Suzy Hodge – art historian and artist, as well as the author of numerous best-sellers, explores 50 keys works – from rock art to modern installations, and then links them to sections of art trends, genres and techniques. Everything is simple and understandable. The content of the book allows anyone, a student or an art lover, to easily navigate through key periods, artists and styles. Available, concisely and in a simplified form, the book explains the most important concepts in art and shows how they are interrelated.

In the book of section 4: "Styles and directions", "Works", "Themes" and "Techniques" . Each can be studied separately or together with others. Useful links at the bottom of each page lead the reader from one section to another, and in side-by-side tells about the key achievements and life of artists. Studying the history of art, if you dig deeply and carefully – this is only one of the doors that lead to an understanding of the structure of the world. This study of the history of mankind: from rock paintings to conceptualism and beyond.

What did people believe in, what were they surprised about, what they dreamed about and what they were afraid of? Art is imbued with emotions. It has a sea of ​​impressions, sensations and even more – something elusive, not expressed in words. Art is a semantic, sensual code, which, however, any person can catch. The book explains how, why and when art changed, who represented certain directions, where they were created and which ones matter. The secrets of artistic terminology are revealed, which gives readers a deep understanding and gives real pleasure to art.

By and large: why does man need art? And why study it at all?
Art does not exist by itself, it must necessarily be perceived in the context of time. After all, what the sophisticated spectator nowadays considers "ordinary", at one time, plunged the visitors of museums and galleries into shock. Many currents also got their names: Fauvism, Cubism, Impressionism … When you think about how people thought then and now, firstly, you understand how decisive and persistent the artist should be, secondly, if you are transferred in time, when the viewer could be surprised not only by a black square, but by a domestic scene or even by simple, broad, daring strokes.

Studying the history of art, if you dig deeply and carefully – this is only one of the doors leading to an understanding of the structure of the world. This study of the history of mankind: from rock paintings to conceptualism and beyond. What did people believe in, what were they surprised about, what they dreamed about and what they were afraid of? Art is imbued with emotions. It has a sea of ​​impressions, sensations and even more – something elusive, not expressed in words.

Art is a semantic, sensual code, which, however, any person can catch. But the most incredible things in the world can be known only by making an effort. There are such "complex" pleasures, which you understand, only by training your perception and nurturing the taste. This book will help you understand the main currents, get acquainted with the bright representatives of the directions, understand the patterns and sequences.

After all, nothing is taken from nowhere: the stylization of postmodernism formed the basis of abstract art, and the realistic landscapes of the Barbizon school became a source of inspiration for the Impressionists. I think that the book is useful to many: someone fill in the gaps in knowledge, and someone – for the first time to touch the history of art. I am impressed by the lack of "water" in it and an understandable structure: about each direction you can read the paragraph, where the main ideas will be stated; in other sections the author tells about genres, work methods and about the most significant works in the history of art.

As for the English language, we strongly recommend that you turn your attention to Anna Belovitskaya a teacher of foreign languages, who explains the difficult in simple words, focusing on imaginative thinking and associative connections. Funny illustrations with seals help to remember important information.

The book "English language: Literate cats" will also be liked by those who have just started to learn English, but have already lost themselves in labyrinths from complicated formulations and rested on the wall from questions that are not answered in other manuals , as well as those who want to understand the nuances of the language, but are terribly tired from ordinary teaching aids.

Understand what to say.

One day our teacher said: "Education is what's left when everything is forgotten." And so, waking up one morning, I understand: everything that I memorized at night, disappeared. All that was spent time, strength, nerves – left without a trace. But what I realized that I could imagine and associate with other images in my head – was not subjected to automatic cleaning. For example, I remembered perfectly that "perch" in English would be "perch", because according to my mother's words "it's very tasty if you bake a perch".

No matter how ridiculous and absurd the associations and explanations may seem, their task is to connect a new state that already exists in the head, and only this matters. Over time, unnecessary information itself will disappear, but the important will remain.

In my work, I often focus on imaginative thinking and associative connections, and also try to explain the complex in simple words, because clever formulations can be easily remembered later if the material itself is understandable.

This book contains answers to questions from my students. What they could not find in other manuals. When I heard the same questions from more than ten students studying English at an educational institution or independently on books, I realized that it was time to fill up my shelf with books for work. And this time to write yourself. What I'm usually offered to accept, forgive and memorize, I propose to understand and imagine.

Do not forget about the literature, and you can start with one of the brightest novelties – the book "iPhuck 10" written by Victor Pelevin . Be prepared not only for the work of the brightest representative of the postmodern era, but also for an amusing excursion into art and foul language:

Porfiry Petrovich – literary and police algorithm. He investigates crimes and simultaneously writes detective stories about it, earning money for the Police Station. His main partner in the book and not only becomes Marukha Cho – an art critic with big money and a woman with eggs according to official gender. Its main specialty is the so-called "gypsum", namely the art of the first quarter of the 21st century. For the analysis of the market, she needs an assistant, who becomes a leased Porphyry .

As for the title, "iPhuck 10" is the most expensive love gadget on the market and at the same time the name of the most famous of 244 detectives Porfiry Petrovich . This is a real masterpiece of algorithmic police prose – an encyclopaedic novel about the future of love, art and everything else.

"Hacking of Decency" ("Breaking of Prelest", or, as it is cut for maximum ambivalence, "Vlomp") is a non-trivial place for a romantic encounter.

Pick-ups gather there. This is their headquarters, cultural center and flea market. Electronic smoothies, who are so called, get acquainted with the girls, shoot them with a special camera, discard the 3D-cast on their ayfak or androgyne and … Next, it is approximately understandable.

But this is the lowest level of aerobatics. The supreme one is to persuade the girl to remove the pickup and pour his triduha into her own androgyne or ayfak, making a mutual contact. And this already requires skill, charm, cynicism and knowledge of the female heart.

I still decided to ride on the uber (no day without a line, as bequeathed by the Titans). good, it did not take long to find it. "Break-in" was a popular direction, especially for young girls.

One such cutie in uber I got. It was her age 17 (sixteen and ten months, corrects me looking into her file pedant, call Natasha) – and it was like a barely blossoming flower with eyes on each petal. Natasha, however, was dressed in such a way that in her parents' place I would definitely have flogged her. Even I do not know what it's called – as if she pulled on her hands and legs over the pasta, and wrapped the rest in transparent cellophane. In our time this was not allowed.

These are the flowers and go to "VlomoP", and then they hang out their ratings in social networks. This week, five men sfotkalo.Na that – seven men and three women. Those who are in the top, the account goes to hundreds and thousands of freaks (so-called shooting with views on e-contact), but these figures are fake, because they pay for the rating, and this is a whole vile business, tied to advertising and virtual porn.

But to a modest and simple girl's "eight" or "twelve" (my companion in the sum was already 22 freaks) you can believe completely. Today's tracks are measured with claws just like that: who has more "fricks on Breaking."

These unshaven and sweaty pick-ups do not remove these angels for themselves, they are not interested. They love fairy-tale unicorns with a three-speed rubber spear, lilac dinosaurs with a tubular tongue and other elves with an advanced vibration code.

The more expensive the rare male victory, I thought with pride, remembering Masha waiting for me.

Love books and read with pleasure!

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Literary novelties: "We take the winter", "How art can make you happier", "The main thing in the history of art", "English. Literate cats »and« iPhuck 10 »| Lifestyle

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