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Guests of the festival of Russian culture "Matryoshka" in Dubai | Events


09 May 2018

The festival of Russian culture was completed in 1945 The Matryoshka l The venue for the event was the legendary space City Walk and the theme was Russian folk tales.

In honor of this event, one of the most famous squares of Multaka Al Adwa in Dubai was decorated with installations on the subjects of famous Russian folk tales. The program of the festival was extremely rich and interesting even for the sophisticated audience, it included: fashion shows, sports events, ballet and dance performances, bachelorette party, 3D show and even a little astrology.

The ideological inspirer, the main organizer and the face of the festival was Victoria Lopyreva who is also the official ambassador World Cup 2018 the first ambassador in history FIFA ]. And besides this, Victoria Lopyreva acts as the official ambassador UNAIDS under the aegis of the UN.

"Our festival has already become a good tradition, and it can not but rejoice. And judging by the growing scale – it really enjoys popularity among locals and guests of the UAE "– said Victoria on the first evening of the festival.

Victoria Lopyreva, Deborah Hang and Stefan Hang

The grand opening was held in the format of a gala dinner, where the main guest star was Nikolai Baskov . He battled the audience with his incredible operatic singing. From the stage both Russian folk songs and modern hits were heard.

Nikolai Baskov

Igor Gulyaev and guest of the event

Iset Hajiyeva and Victoria Lopyreva

Gianna Akaevskaya and Anastasia Zadorina

The most exciting day for Victoria Lopyreva was a sporting day. After all, there she appeared to the public as the first female ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup . And also acted as the main heroine of the clip Irakli Pirtskhalava dedicated to the upcoming World Cup.

As a star guest the festival was visited by the legendary football player Gilberto da Silva world champion and holder of the Confederations Cup . During the discussion with Victoria he confessed: "Football is a huge work and requires great dedication, like any other profession. But to base in any business and in any sphere is necessary first of all on moral values ​​and life principles. "

Victoria Lopyreva and Irakli Pirtskhalava

All the days of the festival the fashion podiums worked without interruption, showing new collections by Igor Gulyaev brand Milo Milo Inna Zhirkova , OPENHOUSE and Solo atelier . Also, there was a real Russian fair.

Inna Zhirkova

Victoria Lopyreva, Inna Zhirkova, Ksenia Borodina

Summarizing the results of the festival, Victoria admitted: "I am very glad that in one of my most beloved cities in the world I had a chance to represent the traditions, culture and values ​​of my native country. Let this festival become a big, strong and durable bridge between our countries. We will be glad to see you next year. "

Marousia Borodina

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Guests of the festival of Russian culture "Matryoshka" in Dubai | Events

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