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9 Surprisingly Stunning Kids From Ugly Celebrity Parents

It comes as a wonderful surprise when unattractive parents give birth to beautiful children. 

In a way, the whole experience seems to go against the law of nature and we are often left perplexed when we can´t contemplate things and its existence.

Have a look at 12 surprisingly beautiful children from unattractive parents and be ready to be bemused!

1. Jay Z’s Daughter(Blue Ivy)

Honestly, Jay Z is no model. In fact, we don’t even think he had any claims to be one.

But his special someone Bey is one of the most stunning women in the world. Of course many weren’t shocked when Blue Ivy turned as cute as she is, after all, there was a 50/50 chance right?.

Luckily, she got the best of the lucky DNA by looks from her mom and not so much from Jay. You will agree with me that Blue Ivy is not only one of the luckiest kids but also one of the cutest mini mes’ ever.

2. Snoop Dogg´s Son (Corde)

Many would argue with Snoop Dogg´s inclusion in the list, but we must not confuse appearance with swag.

The man looks malnourished and is all skin and bones. Surprisingly his son, Corde, possesses a different demeanor and is an absolute hunk. He has even walked on a few runways.

We expect great things from Snoop´s son and we are glad that he took after his mother.

3. Eddie Murphy’s Daughter (Shayne and Bia)

Although Eddie Murphy is an expert at tickling our funny bones, he is not a handsome man by any stretch of the imagination. His expertise lies in the comedy scene.

So, when his daughters, Bia and Shayne, grew up the way they did, millions all over were shocked to come into terms with the fact that their father was Eddie Murphy.

Praise the Lord for helping them look more like their mother.

4. Howard Stern´s Daughters (Emily, Debra, and Ashley)

The lean sticky Howard Stern is a household name in the entertainment business, but he isn´t known for his appearance.

So, it came as a wonderful surprise when we laid eyes on his daughters Emily Beth, Debra Jennifer, and Ashley Jade. The ladies are tall and don´t lack in the looks department.

Howard has a tough time on his hands; his daughters must be attracting men by the plenty.

5. Seal´s Children(Henry, Adeola, Johan, Lou, and Helene)

It is fair to state that Seal is a womanizer of the highest order.

The man has been romantically involved with numerous models over the years, none the more impressive than the German beauty, Heidi Klum.

Although no longer a couple, the two of them did reproduce beautiful children during their time together including, Henry, Adeola, Johan, Lou, and Helene. Their children have taken after their mother and we couldn´t be happier for them.

6. Master P’s Daughter(Cymphonique)

It may not be fair to say that Master P is an ugly rapper, but you will agree with me that he isn’t the most nice-looking rapper in the world.

Anyways, it is widely believed that beauty comes from within, so outward look is somehow not considered highly in the business.

But Master P’s stunning and grown up daughter Cymphonique has the most lucky DNA. She possibly has the most beautiful face in the Miller family and we wonder where she got that from cos’ its certainly not from dear daddy.

7. The Game’s Daughter(Taylor)

The Game, an American rapper and actor also has a charming daughter. The little miss California Dream, Taylor, is the kind of girl who would make you glance three or more times because you will never be okay with just one glance. You are free to call her Cali Lynn, or cutie pie or The Game’s daughter.

Now, we are not saying The Game is downright ugly, but he is definitely not the most handsome man ever.

Fortunately, miss Cali here has gotten the right genes. That’s simply the wonders of genetics right? Anyway, she is an absolutely beautiful child! As you can see, the tiny little model’s love for fashion is already manifested and who knows, we might choose to wear the clothes she chooses someday.

8. Fabolous´s Son ( Prince Joso)

Fabolous isn´t exactly the ugliest person around, but we wouldn´t have expected him to father Prince Joso.

The kid is a pretty boy and possesses a cute side that is non-existent on Fabolous´s face. The adorable afro suits him beautifully and he not only brings a smile to the faces of his parents but also to those who are blessed with his presence.

9. Meek Mill’s Son

Meek Mill is neither cute nor ugly, he’s just one of those okay people, but he certainly knows how to breed a good looking mini.

Now are you aware of the little stunner who has been causing all the fuss around Meek? Well, the answer isn’t far. His son Rihmeek is so adorable that you would want to chunk him up at first sight.


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9 Surprisingly Stunning Kids From Ugly Celebrity Parents

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