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6 Ridiculous Body Trends That Need to Stop Right Now

Just when you think you’ve made peace with your body, another new internet trend springs up for you to obsess over.

Yes, this time it’s Thighbrows. Luckily you don’t have to have a specific body type to have a thighbrow.

But still, the trend is ludicrous. And here are another 6 ridicuous body trends that make us feel badly about our bodies and distract from our ultimate desire to eat a cheeseburger.

1. Bikini bridges 

The body phenomenon where upon lying down flat on your back and of course, wearing a bikini, there is a gap in between your body and the fabric, creating a bridge of sorts between your two gaping hip bones.

Apparently, this is common enough to have become a hot topic of discussion on Instagram and in some tabloids.

It’s even spawned a Tumblr page. Not cool, guys.

2. Alphabetization

Does your body conform to the S-shape, meaning are you a woman with boobs and a significant bum like Kim Kardashian?

Do you have a V-shaped face like Nicole Kidman, a body shaped like an X like Cara Delevigne, or the dreaded O-line which apparently isn’t so much a shape as it is being obese?

This type of body alphabetization, where parts of the body are assigned categories based on the alphabet, is rampant in South Korea and is used to advertise all kinds of products, from beer to beauty.

I guess on a good day I’m a sans serif T but a on a bad day I’m a Comic Sans lowercase b? This seems to be just another way to reduce women to objects.

3. Thigh Gap

The antecedent of the bikini bridge, the thigh gap is another coveted body part (or lack thereof) when a gap forms between the thighs when you put your knees together.

Cara Delevigne is reportedly responsible for catalyzing this trend so legions of women can thank her for their new source of insecurity.

4. Fat Shaming

Everyone is insecure, which is why fat shaming, the act of calling people out for being overweight to make them feel badly about it, predominates in real life, in the media, and in fiction.

It girl Jennifer Lawrence recently took it upon herself to call out how we as a society think it’s okay to call people fat or say a dress looks ugly on people we don’t even know just to make ourselves feel better about our insecurities or for the sake of a joke.

Let’s hope more celebrities step out like this.

5. Thin Shaming

The flip side to fat shaming is thin shaming. This is a phenomenon where celebrities (mostly women) are called out for being too thin.

Celebrities like Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham, and Calista Flockhart are labeled as ‘anorexic’ for having bodies which may or may not be naturally thin as a way to shame these women who are successful, famous, beautiful and rich, whereas meanwhile, you rarely see male celebrities being called out for having alternative body shapes.

6. Pregnancy weight shaming

Over the last decade at least, whether intentional or not, celebrities moms have been portrayed as seemingly able to pop out babies one day, and then in what seems like a week, return to their original svelte selves, all the while claiming that their sole exercise regimen was ‘chasing after their children’ or ‘running around doing errands’.

Please, we know you pay your trainer thousands of pounds to look that good, just come clean.

Also, metabolism! It’s a thing. Stop bullying those with different body types who OH WAIT just had a baby.

Just imagine how cool would it be if we all just stopped caring about women’s shapes altogether? So please stop these ridiculous body trends.


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6 Ridiculous Body Trends That Need to Stop Right Now

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