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100 Movie Challenge: # 74 Fang | The cinema


02 March 2018

Greek film "Fang" by Yorgos Lantimos released in 2009, became the winner of the second most important program of the Cannes Film Festival "Special Look" after the main competition, was nominated for an Oscar in the category " Best Film in a Foreign Language "and received the title of" Best Film of the Year "according to the online edition of Slant Magazine.

# 74: Fang / Kynodontas

I do not even know how to properly evaluate such an ambiguous film. If you look at it from the point of view of morality, then this is outrageous nonsense. But if you look from the point of view of originality, it is worth noting that the film is interesting and unpredictable, which I appreciate. I, as an amateur arthouse with experience, it's hard to surprise with something scandalous. What did not I see in the picture? Therefore, naked genitals and undisguised cruelty for me is not a novelty, in principle. Throughout the whole movie, only one key question turns in my head: "Why?"

Why did parents lock their children in the wilderness? Why completely fenced themselves off from the outside world, creating their own ridiculous rules? Why change the meanings of elementary words that do not do any harm, in principle? Why even make your own children mad, make real animals out of them that have no compassion, but instincts, like trained dogs? All these questions are rhetorical, because to search for logic in the illogical is useless. Of course, the situation in miniature is too exaggerated and brought to the point of absurdity. But if we consider the situation at the level of the state form of government, for example, it becomes sad, because it is easier for many to train than to educate.

As for the artistic techniques, the direction I liked, despite deliberate outrageous. And in general it was interesting to see how far this all goes and what will end. Sometimes it surprised, sometimes brought to hysterical laughter. By the way, the open final here perfectly fits. I was right and thought that it was on this frame that the final credits would go. The director gradually heated the situation in the house, and the apogee of madness fell exactly on the expressive dance of one of the daughters on a family holiday. It is the rebellious dance that breaks the habitual authoritarian system in the house and there appears a forbidden freedom of self-expression through the first awkward, but already independent movements. I liked the film with my idea and remembered with my shock. I do not regret having looked. But I do not want to immerse myself once again in this insane, isolated world. The beauty of such films is that they are just an exception to the rules and the usual standards of cinematography.

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100 Movie Challenge: # 74 Fang | The cinema

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