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100 Movie Challenge: # 72 Six times | The cinema


10 January 2018

Jonathan Garfinkel – an Israeli filmmaker and actor in an interview with leading publications after the successful screening of the film at several international festivals, confessed his love for tough, uncompromising art house dramas. His "Six times" is just one of those paintings that crash into memory and, if hit the mark, can leave scars. Actress Sivan Levy was repeatedly nominated for an award from the film academy of Israel, and for the film "Six times" she finally received a prize for "Best Acting" at her native Haifa Film Festival. Also, the youth drama won the "Another Look" award at the San Sebastian Film Festival and won in Haifa in the nominations "Best Debut" and "Best Screenplay".

# 72: Six times / Shesh Peamim

The film reminded me of the adaptation of the Sicilian bestseller "Melissa's Intimate Diary", where Maria Valverde played the main role. But if there at all eyes on the forehead climb from what they saw, then everything is more or less decent. Well, you know, in the eastern countries very carefully treat family traditions and reputation. Although they are no less than ours are tempted during puberty. The main character was the uninvited girl Gili, who had just moved to another school. The girl wants to make friends and join the company, but she chose the wrong path, trying to appear more adult and bold than the rest of the same age.

In the film, six shows Gili with the guys. If on the first date only you grin, that the girl quickly took the matter into her own hands in the literal sense of the word, then she obviously lost the initiative and more and more began to remind the heroine from the children's saying: "I gave it, I gave it, etc.". But what surprises me most is not the ease with which she step-by-step passed the defense, but the fact that she tolerated such a beastly attitude toward herself, in principle. And I want to say to her: "Fool, wake up!" Would a normal guy ask his girlfriend to please his comrade ?! But Gili is completely blind and deaf, continuing to run after the guy who openly uses it. She's even proud of it! It's so cool and grown up that even beer can drink before the father. Well, the truth, while he sleeps and does not see, but it's nice to rebel against the rules. And in fact she for certain knows, that makes a mistake, but each time it tightens all more deeply and more deeply.

The film is really wonderful and very atmospheric. Literally in front of the screen you feel how clouds gather over the heroine, and you are already waiting for the climax with interest. I generally liked that there is no nudity in practice, but it's all clear without words. The final is also amazing. Only one figure was enough before the beginning of the final episode and it is absolutely clear what exactly was left behind the scenes. Say I'm surprised? No. As they say, an apple from an apple-tree … A fine work of actors. I recommend to viewers of social dramas for viewing. But do not forget that you need to evaluate the film itself, not the behavior of the main character.

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100 Movie Challenge: # 72 Six times | The cinema

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