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10 fashion trends that we will really see not only on the podium | Fashion


January 06, 2018

On holidays, we have time not only to get a good night's sleep and watch all the series that we've been putting off for a year, but also to enjoy such long-awaited sales. If from the abundance of everything in you in all senses of this word the eyes run, we recommend that you pay attention to [10] the fashion trends which we will see in the forthcoming spring on all lovers street style – so why we do not join them?

No, no, we do not call you to reliably copy the images seen on fashion shows, but here's a source for inspiration, we would like to draw attention to the following trends:

Sports kitsch

It's time to get from the mezzanines once favorite sports outfits or immediately go to the stores for a modern copy. We also saw similar ones in Louis Vuitton and in Dolce & Gabbana and in Dior . An important rule: you need to wear your chic sports suit with high-heeled shoes and complement the image of a chic hairstyle.

Huge earrings

The brighter and bigger, the better. As if from a disco, the models defiled at the shows Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Chanel . If it so happens that your ears are not pierced, do not worry – you can not find such clips this year.

Belt bag or waist bag

Frankly, the trend has flown "to the people" literally from the podiums themselves, and all Instagram -space is already teeming with all sorts of variants of such a bag. We fell in love with her thanks to the shows Saint Laurent Marc Jacobs and, of course, Gucci .

Wear it with everything in a row, but if you want to win everyone in the heart, then put on b elt bag for romantic waving dresses.

Chic, brilliance, beauty

We did not believe this until the last, but satin and satin again together, again close, especially at the shows Versace Calvin Klein Raf Simons and Gucci . Designers were inspired by American cinema and did not regret the brilliance of the past fashion shows. In addition to the obvious dresses and blouses, we recommend paying attention to the pants, which are now literally at the forefront of fashion.

Color in all its diversity

The models from the shows Versace Gucci and Marc Jacobs offer us two things: first, forget everything that We were taught in the art lessons regarding the compatibility of similar colors and shades, and secondly to find the color that will endlessly adorn you.

It is not necessary to focus on bright colors – pastel shades are also suitable. The main thing: everything that you are wearing, must be done in a single color scheme.

Dresses in the floor

If in 2017 we tried to open as many parts of the body as if there were clothes on all of us, then in the coming year designers recommend "taking cover" from head to toe. Choose dresses with long sleeves and a very long hem – in other words, play the Arab princess.

Mix everything in a row

The rule here is one: no rules! The more textures, colors and prints you have in your image, the better, because that's how the models acted on the shows Balenciaga Prada Louis Vuitton and Gucci .

If "all at once" for you is too much then try to start with calmer combinations, or with ready-made, mixed dresses.

Bright tights

Virtually no one this season has not bypassed the theme of tights – the models have been pacing in them everywhere, since show Prada Erdem and Fendi and ending Miu Miu and Missoni . You do not have to choose color options, because you can start with pantyhose with voluminous textures, patterns or strasses. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it. Well, the most stylish "combo" of the upcoming spring is the combination of pantyhose + sandals.

The Full Square

Here everything is simple: a square on a square and a square drives. The size in this case does not matter: the cell can be large, and shallow, and bright, and black and white. And in order that you do not ripple in your eyes, we recommend starting with small "cellular" doses.

Inscriptions on clothing

2017 was remembered by another fashionable protest and screaming inscriptions on T-shirts and dresses. In 2018, the trend will have its logical continuation and from words will turn into a business, or rather, into images of what you would like to tell the world. In other words, any of your messages will now get your real image, which means it will be easier to find friends by interests, is not it?

And what fashion trends did you like?

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10 fashion trends that we will really see not only on the podium | Fashion

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